Hey. (I've been waiting for you to text me)

Girl: Hey. (I’ve been waiting for you to text me)
Boy: Hey! What’s Up? (I wanted to see if you wanted to talk to me)
Girl: Nothing, going out soon. hbu? (your welcome to come)
Boy: same, getting ready. (we should meet up)
Girl: Where r u going? (please ask me to meet you)
Boy: my friends house hbu? (come! come! come!)
Girl: movies with my girls. (this sucks)
Boy: yeahh, we should definitely hangout next weekend. (i cannot believe i just asked her)
Girl: Sure! I’ll call you during the week. (OMGOMGOMGOMG)
Boy: Well, I’ll see you in school tomorrow. (thank god i miss her)
Girl: See you tomorrow. (finally.)