tak ane wali “NINDIYA” xpress
Prabhat Nagar pahuch chuki hai,
Yatriyo se anurodh hai K wo apne
Hasin Sapno se Jaag jae.



The world doesnot need more mountains to
climb, More seas to cross, or more stars to shine,
…What the world needs is
only more of U & UR smile!!

Smile every moment…

Life iz small,
never carry a big heart,
share everthing,
cry wen u want,
laugh whole heartedly.
Smile every moment.
Feel things around as a GIFT.
GuD MorninG!

If I get ur smile, I don't need flowers

If I get ur smile,
I don’t need flowers,
If I get ur voice,
I don’t need music,
If u speak to me I don’t any body else,
If ur with me I don’t need the world.
luv you, Good Morning.

I wish God made me a SMS

I wish God made me a SMS,
so that I can reach you in 5 sec,
Cost u nothing,
u’ll read me & I cud C U smiling which is worth a million 4 me.
Good Morning.

A Handsome Smiling Face Wakes U Up.

On A Marvelous Month,
On A Fresh Morning,
When The Calendar Slides,
When The Clock Creeps,
A Handsome Smiling Face Wakes U Up.
Its The Job Given By Me To The Sun To Woke U Up My Dear Friend.
He Will Always Smile At U.
To Show My Friendship.

have a WoNderFuL DaY.. GoOd MoRnInG…

Always welcome a new day
with a Smile on Ur Lips,
Love in Ur Heart & Good Thoughts in Ur Mind….
And U’ll always have a WoNderFuL DaY..
GoOd MoRnInG…