Unki galiyon se jab guzray to manzar ajeeb tha

Unki galiyon se jab guzray to manzar ajeeb tha,

Dard tha magar woh dil kay kareeb thaa,

Jisay hum dhondty thay apnay hathon ki lakiron main

Wo kisi doosray ki kismat, kisi aur ka naseeb tha.

Trust means to believe.

Trust means to believe.
I trust you, means I have no doubt in my mind about your honesty, integrity and credibility.
No relationship can survive without trust.
How to develop and keep the trust in a relationship forever, because as soon as the trust breaks, the relationship breaks.
Trust is the foundation on which a relationship is built.
If you don’t trust a person, howsoever you may love him/her, your relationship will not survive, because you have no trust in him/her.


Fuck life.fuck routine.
fuck not giving a shit about anything.
fuck being stuck in the same place.
fuck feeling like you’re wasting your life.
fucking feeling awkward and inadequate.
Fuck being this young and feel like
you have already shriveled and died.
fuck the emptiness that holds over you.
fuck anger. fuck bitterness.
fuck not being numb enough.
fuck this song that’s stuck in my head.
fuck trends. fuck stereotypes.
fuck self-loathing.fuck feelings.
fuck reasons.
Fuck not making any sense.
and most importantly, FUCK YOU.

Very Sad Love SMS in Hindi

Hum aapki yaad me udas hain,
bas aapse milne ki aas hai,
Chahe Dost kitne bhi kyun na ho,
apne liye to bas aap hi khas hai.
Dur hai aap se to koi gam nahi,
Dur rahkar bhi bhulane wale hum nahi,
roz mulakhat na ho paye to kya…
aap ki yaad mulaqat se kam nahi.
Zindagi Mein Kuch Lamhein Khaas Ban Gaye,
Mile To Mulakat Ban Gaye, Bichhre To Yaad Ban Gaye,
aur Jo Dil Se Na Gaye,Wo AAP Ban Gaye.
Jane kyu itna yaad ate ho aap,
Jane kyu itna Dil ko lubhate ho aap,
aap se pyara koi “DOST” na milega kahi,
Kya isi liye itna BHAV khate ho aap
aap se jab humari yari ho gayi,,
duniya hamari aur bhi pyari ho gayi,,
is se pehle kisi bhi chiz ki aadat na thi,,
par ab aap ko yaad karne ki bimari si ho gayi.

Nothing to you, everything to me

Its Not When I Look Back,
At All The Memories &
Good Times We Had,
Makes Me Sad,
Its When U Consider Those,
Memories As Nothing To you,
When They Meant,
Everything To Me.