I jst dn't wnnna let gooooooooo♥♥,,♥,,♥

Can i get ur soul?????????♥♥
Can i get ur thought?????♥♥
Can we promise wn’t let gooo

All the thing i need All the thing u need
U make it feel soo real
Bcz u cn’tt deny / U blown my mind

when i see u baby
I jst dn’t wnnna let gooooooooo♥♥,,♥,,♥

amar hridoyer chotto kutir theke janai…

kono rajar singhason theke noy,
noy himaloyer porbot theke,
‘7’ somudro ’13’ nodir opar theke o noy,
amar hridoyer chotto kutir theke janai,
valobashar shuveccha tomai…

কোন রাজার সিংহাসন থেকে নয়,
নয় হিমালয়ের পর্বত থেকে,
‘৭’ সমুদ্র ‘১৩’ নদীর ওপার থেকে ও নয়,
আমার হৃদয়ের ছোট্ট কুটির থেকে জানাই,
ভালোবাসার শুভেচ্ছা তোমায়…
ভালোবাসি তোমায়…!

You make my smile a little bigger♥ ♥

♥ You make my smile a little bigger♥

♥ my laugh a little louder ♥

♥ my heart beat a little faster ♥

♥ and my life shine brighter just by knowing that you love me ♥

I LOVE U too..♥ ♥:)

Bf :How are you sweetheart ?

Gf :not good

Bf : why?
what happened?

Gf :i have cold

Bf :what???how ?

Gf :i had ice cream

Bf :are you mad???
i had told you
not to eat ice cream in this rainy
season,,,are you crazy??
look into
my eyes what the hell you think
you are??
dont you have brain??

you are not a kid cant you just
take care of ur self??? stupid idiot

Girl smiled,,hugged him n
said “Love U a Lot”

Bf :watz happening here?

will u plz tell me

Gf : just luved it whenever u scold
me thts why i eat ice cream so tht
u’ll scold me

Bf :stupid idiot huh
too..♥ ♥:)

A Cute LOVE STORY .. ♥♥♥

Girl: Am I pretty?
Boy: NO
Girl: Do u want 2 live wid me?
Boy: NO
Girl: Will u cry if I leave?
Boy: NO
The girl got hurt n started to cry
The boy pulled her close 2 him n said
U are not Pretty but Beautiful
I don’t want 2 live wid you but live 4 u.
If u leave me i don’t cry but DIE. ♥♥ ♥