bees bahane…

Jindagi kya kya khel dikhati hain, never ever thought that there could be an india pakistan final.. and on top of it never thought that i’ll miss sucha pure excitement and a match which can anytime include unadulterated fun… i’m in office right now, and that too on a meeting 🙂 well as a silver lining to this dark cloud, the meeting is a teleconference and so i’ve scores being displayed on my screen.. (thank u god!) everyone else is on the top floor in cafetaria watching it on projector and here m i along with 3 – 4 other unfortunate individuals who are in the office doing work.. the meeting is being conducted with my colleages from a country which is still aloof from the fever of cricket.. kaisa nasseb hain… and pak got 4 sixes in a span of 6 over changin the course of the game.. i’m having goosebumps as of now..15 ball 26 runs…
13 balls 20 runs
wicket :):):):):)
12 balls 20 runs
10 balls 18 runs


mereko tension hoing…


and this meeting not ending


m so god damn excited, been to the loo 5 times in last 25-30 minutes..


dot ball…


8 balls 17 runs…


wicket… yipeee… phuck u a$$h@le$…


tim tim laka lak tim tim laka lak…
and lots or runs… 😦
computer down


browser stuck


6 balls 12 runs…




six…. big shit…
and den a wide ball..


we 3 4 left out ppl flock on a single computer.. waiting for the browser to refresh… and


ppl outside shouted biggie… yipee…
fuck we won… cant believe it…




me and MG run outside and found them hearing live commentry on the phone..


and the first 20twenty world cup goes to india… my india… our india…


just now RD and HV came to meet me, were telling that it was awesome an atmosphere in the cafetaria to watch the match with 200 – 250 similar frenzy indian supporters…


i missed the fun, but even i lived the moments.. on the IP network… india won the first ever 20-20 world cup.. nothing else matters…


Mast interview… ………

Twenty-20 – World Cup Final Post match presentation interview between Shastri and winning caption Dhoni

In the post-match presentation, Ravi Shastri to Dhoni “Congratulations to you and the whole Indian team for winning this world cup. You guys have produced a great nail baiting show.. and deserve the cup. We welcome you to share the joy with us.”

Dhoni “Thanks Ravi, the match was pretty close encounter between two great teams and our guys held the nerve to win the game and cup.”

Shastri, “Who was the main reason for this thrilling victory?”

Dhoni, “All us played well but I would say the main reason and man behind this great victory is ” Ajit Agarkar ”

Shocked Shastri…, “Agarkar ? ? .. how come Agarkar… he didn’t play the final “..

Dhoni, “Yeaph.. that’s the reason we won this low scoring match.. if he could have bowled in final, Pakistan would have scored the winning runs from his 4 overs….”

Shastri, “ok.. fine, To whom you want to thank for winning this final…”

Dhoni, “The team doctor deserves the credit… he really helped us to prepare for the final…”

Shastri, “Is it? ?…. how the doctor helped to prepare for the final… he is not the coach or physical trainer…Dhoni. . I am getting confused ”

Dhoni, “Ravi… nothing to confuse… he has failed Sehwag in the fitness test according to our game plan and we managed to pick a good playing team.. thus we weigh the doctor’s contribution as very high… infact its better than our team effort in the field.. our game tactic worked well”

Shastri, “To whom you want to dedicate this World Cup?”

Dhoni, “The entire team including myself wants to dedicate this cup to Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly…”

Shastri, “I really really appreciate you… its good that you have so much respect for the seniors….and you ….”

Dhoni interrupts.. .. “Ravi.. let me complete… India would have exited in the Group matches if they decided to play in the series… thank god they opted out and we managed to play cricket and won the cup..”

Shastri, “The match was thrilling encounter and was concluded by a single mistake of Misbah.. Isn’t it? ”

Dhoni, “Yes you are right, after lofting the ball Misbah told me that he has send the ball to where there was no one….but he didn’t know that there is a malayali in every corner of the world…. This single mistake has costed the Pakistani’s game and the cup…”

Shastri faints and Dhoni receives the CUP and thats the end of the great Twenty-20 world cup……… ……

Famous Quotes about SACHIN

Famous Quotes about SACHIN :
> Lara ¤ If Cricket is
a Religion, then
SACHIN is the Only GOD..
> Dhoni ¤ He has scored 16000 Runs.. I’ve Not
Even Faced 16000 Balls..
> Kumble ¤ I’m Fortunate that I’ve to Bowl at him
Only in the Nets..
> Allan Border ¤ It’s Scary.! Where the hell do
We Bowl to Him.?!
> Paul Strang ¤ What we (Zimbabwe) need is
10 Tendulkars..
> Mathew Hayden ¤ I’ve Seen God.. He Bats at Number 4 for India
in Tests

Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai…

Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai
Saari Dharti Khel Ka Maidaan

Aur Us Pe Karmbhoomi Hi Pitch Hai
Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai

Aati Hai Sabki Baari But Just For Once Hai
Hum Hi Is Khel Mein Khiladi Aur Humhi Audiance Hai

Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai
Naukri Milna To Chauka Lag Jaana Hai

Par Chakka To Sidha Shaadi Ho Jaana Hai
Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai

Jeevan Ke Utar Chadav Ball Ki Inswing Aur Outswing Hai
Lekin Sukh Dukh Ka Aana To Leg Break Aur Spinning Hai

Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai
Accident Ho Jaana Jaise Retired Hurt Ho Jaana Hai

Per Kismat Ka Phootna To Lbw Ho Jaana Hai
Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai

Catch Out Hona Jaise Hatya Hai
Par Run Out Hona To Atmhatya Hai

Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai
Hum To Bas Ek Chhote Se Shayar Hai
Sab Kuch To Uske Haath Hai Jo Is Khel Ka Umpire Hai…

World Cup Cricket Jokes SMS in Hindi

Agar Cricket Match Me 10 Balls Par
Puri Team 0ut Ho Jaye,
To Konsa Number Khilarri N0t 0ut Rahega..?
Ìf All Other Things
Remaining The Same,
Only For Genious One..


In A Cricket Ground..
Security :
Cricket Match Is Over Now
Why R U Stil Sitting?
I Am Waitin For Highlights!


Mene Kal SANIA MIRZA Se Phone Pe Baat Ki
That’s Great Yaar..
Usne Kya Kahaa..??


Teacher Told All Students
In Class 2 Write N Essay On A Cricket Match
All Were Busy Writing Except 1 Sardarji
He Wrote


Sardar Cricket Khel Kar Aya,
Kitnay Runs Banay?
Triple Century Hone Me 299 Run Baqi Thay,
Kanjar Ne Out Kar Dia!