i'm coming back to you♥♥:)

Girl: lets just break up…*
boy: ok then, ill just go back to my ex
girl: wow you are an idiot. we’re totally over,
next day ..
boy: I still love u
girl:i thought we break up? & you said that you would go back to your ex right?
boy: exactly, i’m coming back to you♥♥:)

Style of break up

Style of break up:
Boy bought gift for His Girl friend-
GF:Wat the hell would I do with this rocket?
Boy: U wanted stars na?
Now sit on it and GET LOST:p

Backup before ….

One Of The Best Quote,

Always have a




Hurting line by love

Most hurting Line by a true Love:
If U will leave me,
I prOmise U will cOme back Once
with ur OPEN EYES to see my CLOSED EYES..!!

I will wait …

I Will Wait ..

Till The Day
“I” Can Forget “You” ..


The Day
You Realize
“You” Cannot Forget “Me” ..