The world doesnot need more mountains to
climb, More seas to cross, or more stars to shine,
…What the world needs is
only more of U & UR smile!!


Smile every moment…

Life iz small,
never carry a big heart,
share everthing,
cry wen u want,
laugh whole heartedly.
Smile every moment.
Feel things around as a GIFT.
GuD MorninG!

If I get ur smile, I don't need flowers

If I get ur smile,
I don’t need flowers,
If I get ur voice,
I don’t need music,
If u speak to me I don’t any body else,
If ur with me I don’t need the world.
luv you, Good Morning.

I wish God made me a SMS

I wish God made me a SMS,
so that I can reach you in 5 sec,
Cost u nothing,
u’ll read me & I cud C U smiling which is worth a million 4 me.
Good Morning.

A Handsome Smiling Face Wakes U Up.

On A Marvelous Month,
On A Fresh Morning,
When The Calendar Slides,
When The Clock Creeps,
A Handsome Smiling Face Wakes U Up.
Its The Job Given By Me To The Sun To Woke U Up My Dear Friend.
He Will Always Smile At U.
To Show My Friendship.

have a WoNderFuL DaY.. GoOd MoRnInG…

Always welcome a new day
with a Smile on Ur Lips,
Love in Ur Heart & Good Thoughts in Ur Mind….
And U’ll always have a WoNderFuL DaY..
GoOd MoRnInG…

Bright Beautiful Dawn

Bright Beautiful Dawn
Sing a Song rhythmic and long
Fly away all the fears of heart
Yours is the world
Just Make a start
Destination is Just a “Determination” Apart
Good Morning