happy valentines day SMS

i am sweet and yo

I Am Sweet

And You Are Sour

So Just Shut Up

And Give Me A Flower!

Happy Valentines Day!


roses are red vo

Roses are red,

Voilets are blue.

I hate valentines day!

Oh you do 2!


so many tym i thoug

So Many Tym
I Thought I’d Nvr
Find Sum1 To Luv Me
d Way I Needed 2 B
U Came In My Life
Showd Me
Wh8 True Love
Really Is 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day


my heart to you is

My Heart To You
Is Given ,

Oh Dear , Do Give
Yours To Me

We’ll Lock Them Up

And Throw Away The
Key … 🙂


what i need to live

What I Need To Live
Has been Given To Me
By The Earth …
Why I Need To Live
Has Been Given To Me
By You My Valentine !!!

HaPpY vAlEntiNe’S dAy


love looks not with

LoVe LoOkS nOt WiTh
ThE eYeZ


WiTh ThE mInD


ThErEfOrE iS

wInGeD cUpId PaInTeD
bLiNd … 🙂


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