A facebook chat between Ex-couples…

Girl : hey
Boy : hii =)
Girl : how are u ??
*Boy types : I’m miserable! I need u back! I miss u ! I LoVe U!
*Then erased it…
and typed,,
Boy : I’m fine

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Say I Live For U ♥ …

Never Ask For A Kiss, Just Take It.
Never Ask For A Hug, Just Give It.
Never Ask Do U Luv Me? Say I Luv U.
Never Say I Can’t Live Without U, Say I Live For U ♥ …


Girl’s Version:

First Day : I saw an idiot sleeping on the front bench :/
Second Day : Saw the same Idiot getting punished 😛
Third Day : He was fighting with a Boy… hunhhh… idiot… !! :@
Fourth Day : I couldn’t find him…Where is he… ?? o.O .

Boy’s Version:

First day : When I opened my eyes…I saw her…her smile… 🙂
Second day : I got punished so that I could see her all the while 😀
Third Day : A boy said something about liking her :X
Fourth Day : I was sitting on the last bench
& she turned to find me
& We smiled…:) 😀 ♥♥

Loving her is the best thing yet

Loving her is the best thing yet,
missing her is something I’ll never regret,
Losing her will be hard to accept,
but seeing her with him is most painful yet </3

Like if you are cheated 😥

*Boy and Girl are walking around the mall*

Girl: Hey, do you think that girl is pretty? I do! *Points out pretty girl*
Boy: She’s alright.
Girl: Oh… Okay, how about that one? Shes really pretty!
*Points out another girl*
Boy: Haha, that girl’s not pretty or ugly. She’s average.
Girl: Oh… you have really high standards.
Boy: I guess you can say that.
Girl: Okay, fine. Once you see one, point her out!
Boy: Haha, alright.
*Boy and Girl walk around some more*
Boy: OH! I found one!
Girl: Really?! Where?!
*Boy puts arm around Girl’s shoulder*
Boy: Right here ♥

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Koi Dewar Rehnay Do


Koi Dewar Rehnay Do
Faqt Izhar Rehnay Do
Safar Me Sath Chal Kr Bhi
Hamain Os Paar Rehnay Do
Na Ankhon Me Samao Tum
Na Hum Ko Khaak Honay Do
Na Tarsay Teri Qurbat Ko
Hamain Be,bak Rehnay Do
Hamain Ashaar Me Likho
Magr Na Gun,gunao Tum
Kitabon Me Kahin Rakh Kr
Hamain Phir Bhool Jao Tum
Suno! Tum Se Ye Kehna Ha
Safar Me Dhool Honay Tk
Koi Bhi Bhool Honay Tk
Mujha Tum Maang Lena Bus
Dua Maqbool Honay Tk..!!

Baat Din Ki Nahi, Ab Raat Se Dar Lagta Hai…

Baat Din Ki Nahi, Ab Raat Se Dar Lagta Hai…
Ghar Hai Kacha Mera, Barsaat Se Dar Lagta Hai…

Tere Tohfay Ne To Bas Khoon Ke Aansoo Hi Diye…
Zindagi Ab Teri Saughaat Se Dar Lagta Hai…

Pyaar Ko Chor Ker Tum Aur Koi Baat Karo…
Ab Mujhay Pyaar Ki Har Baat Se Dar Lagta Hai…

Meri Khaatir Na Wo Bandnaam Kahein Ho Jaein…
Iss Liye Unn Ki Mulaqaat Se Dar Lagta Hai…